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Monday, April 26, 2010

All the World's a stage

The famous shakespeare monologue.. 'All the world's a stage..'I hardly understood the inner meaning when i learnt those lines during my schooldays.I never thought those words had experience dwelled with values and philosophies which are so true to the core.Something that's been pricking my heart for a long time.The world's just a stage where we are mere actors!! Its hard to digest this thought, but why do we have to be a dummy throughout our life.Even dog's,cats,animals out in the jungle,birds,trees everything seems to live the life of their own.But why should we "the so-called civilised" humans have to put up with this world which does'nt forgive anyone.I used to wonder it would have been better if we were'nt born civilized.

Many might be wondering the cause which leads to the tone i have used in this blog.I can't name ONE cause which makes me feel this way.It is something which is a aggregation of so many things which i have not only experienced but also having seen others experience that made me pen down these feelings.

Right from childhood where we have to get used to customs which are very tough to be be followed practically.The kids forced to study,slog,work hard for the whole school life to ensure that they do the their final exams exceptionally well just to get an admit to another school(the college)!!! The cycle follows..The routine liked by hardly few thereby forces everyone into the same situation.Now comes the question.Where does the protagonist's part come into picture? He/She doesn't.The childhood defines them as incompetent and incapable of making decisions that they are forced to like/act as if they like whatever they do.Being this way instead of making their own life,they are given a preplanned life.In rare cases,the child gets exceptionally gifted parents who afford and help them making them their life rather than giving them what they wanted to become.In any case I am not blaming any parent for this mishap but its the way most of the normal homo sapiens are.

Then comes the most beautiful part of life (for atleast 99% of the people appox.) .The period of transition from an immature teenager to a sophisticated Professional.The life that gives us the freedom of what we want to be.Love and hate happens frequently and yet in a transparent way.We never hide our feelings which helps us to create great friends(even life partners for some).We shape our career & love life.For some it would be a smooth curve and for others its a torus knot unwounded gradually.When this stage comes to an end, we are back to the actual world(Scary!!)This phase of life makes most of us understand the pragmatism of life.When we realise that, we are referred as matured.

You may as well say-"Gimme a Break!!..Whats the big deal about being matured?".Maturity according to me is the origin of injecting the acting skills inside everyone in a gradual way.It teaches you to accept the world as it is which is actually the most difficult part.We are taught to act responsible which restrains the freedom to do anything at anytime.Basically maturity leads us to take up responsibilities which bases upon formalities(the word i hate the most!!).The word which has been an integral part in lives of many and would always be."What can you do about that!??" - Absolutely nothing..Blame it on life(Or God-whichever suits you).To site some practical difficulties on being practical,we have loads of formal friends around us.Damn!..Who the hell found such a thing..What's the point in knowing someone whom you are not interested to know well? Why are some hypocritical when thy are friends with others??Does life fail to give enough time to explore different people!??..The other irony of life is the wise minds who have realised their mistake are unable to be informal with these actors who are be formal!!Fake relationships hardly last longer.When we realise that, we will be happy for being what we actually like to be. Its like one guy can't change the corrupt nation if he enters politics.People should mutually think of an alternative.I am not goin to provide a solution for this as nothing exists as of now..After all this I am gonna conclude "At the end of the day,Grapes are sour and I am hungry!!"

Friday, February 5, 2010

The State of Confusion

Confusion-The dictionary defines it as "A mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior".Is this good or bad?

People get confused about a lot of things.Its quite natural in many cases.For instance a music composer will get confused on various occasions on what notes should follow a particular rhythm.That is when he/she produces a bad song though it wasn't meant to be that way.A story writer gets confused with the story line that he goes askew and finally that part of story goes to trash.Then he thinks afresh and starts from scratch.

In my journey of life I had faced many confusions right from picking the course for high school,college , on and on..As a matter of fact picking your career path or deciding your future is one of the toughest task.Some people plan well in advance,some leave it to god's will, others to the saints who are supposed to be "knowing everything!!!" .Some cases are very interesting.There are these few who go behind their desire and passion...PAUSE..."Wait.I am confused. I have more than one passion.What am I supposed to do now??".. Assuming all ends well they do FINALLY decide upon their career path something comes next "Can I succeed in this or should I stick on to my existing plan?".I had been one among these few and I am wondering if I had lost my brains in the past.Then came the core confusion. "Being confused is not going to help you or not !!! ?" :P

Do I look confused while writing this blog ?? :P .. Maybe I haven't recovered from it fully.But should I? Here is the deal.Being confused is definitely not a disorder.Its just that your mind takes a long time to make decisions.Of course you can ask me 'So you take such a long time to decide and you don't visualize that as something abnormal ??' .The answer is quite trivial. 'I like being unique'.That's because it is not necessary that you have to be clearer on what is to be done next.Then you lose the possibility of thinking over something which is basically getting confused.The satisfaction you get after a long confusion is something you don't get on making quick decisions.But not for petty matters.That case its a BIG problem!! Beware.

So ready to get confused within your limits :P ??

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Music-My Breath!

MUSIC-The Magic five letter word which keeps me alive and agile.Its not just something i love but i actually live with it .You may ask me "What is so special/unique about this?"- Music is a form of art which originated across the world,amongst various cultures,passed through many generations and something which would never die and live amongst humans till the world ends (Hopefully not 2012 :P).Its just a union of vocals and instruments which can express all kinds of emotions/situations and what not.It can range from being purely divine to highly profane.It has no sub-classing based on region/religion/caste and unites humans across the globe.Something without which dance wouldn't have even existed!!
Part 1 - Music had always been a part of my life right since i was a baby, my mother used to sing a lullaby to make me sleep.There are no words to express my gratitude to my mom for taking the gamble of sending me to music classes when I was about 6 years old.That is when I started understanding music and picked up the art pretty decently.Those were the years when cassettes and walkmans ruled the world of music.Like any other music freak i badly wanted them. I used to await for every new tamil movie song release and would never miss anything.From Ilayaraja's evergreen melodies to ARR's mind-blowing masterpieces,from TNB,MSS to Nithyashree,Sudha Ragunathan,from MJ to Back street boys music from various cultures boggled my mind and kept me afresh.I had even tried my luck with other classical instruments.First it was violin-I dropped out of it immediately and then mridangam-did a good job.But my teacher bullied me to a great extent that i decided to call it a day.(Injustice to things we learn :P).Later i had to forgo my classical music classes for unavoidable reasons but still some things i learnt can never be erased.Such was the impact.
Part2-College-My theatre of dreams.A place i can never forget not only for the amazing friends/fun but also because if not for it i wouldn't have got the freedom to access various songs not only in tamil but also introduced me to the world of English and Hindi music(other than Rahmans.. :)). I still feel envious about guys at our pilani campus who have an amazing Music club unlike my college during that time."Give me some sunshine...Wanna grow up once again .! :) " .Cant forget the day when my friends were irresistibly patient in the Tyagaraja utsav-classical music concert only because i was singing :D .And the prayer songs which i used to sing, well ahead of college function beginning, with very few audience( yeah u guessed it right.Bunch of old people -"The so called guests" and my poor friends :P ) .The numerous group songs and male duet with Nitin.The memories will remain with me forever. @College friends - Thanks a ton guys.Without your support i wouldnt have been what I am now! :)
Part3-Present-The journey continues.My music database has increased vastly,now with my techy gadgets-( ipod and Sony W-series) i am even more happier.The best part i like about my job is that i will be able to hear music and work at the same time :D .I want to learn keyboard through which i could reproduce the strange flow of music which occurs in my mind at times.Waiting for that to happen soon. There is one crazy impossible wish - "To enjoy all the best songs on earth ":) . I know its silly but i will keep trying till i die ;) ..
My Prayers - "Dear God,Please don't make me deaf & dumb.Instead you can take away my life!!"
For all fellow Music freaks- Please don't miss hearing the best ones since its in a different language.Coz Music is a language by itself :)..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Child in Me

There are few people who might have wondered if he/she is doing something child-like.There are others who don't even realize that and continue doing the same.Its something which gives them a temporary delight or a sadistic pleasure.I am no exception and I belong to the former category. The very thought of owning something excites me,right from a small pen ,tees to laptops & bikes.The day i was told that my viao laptop order was confirmed, brought out the child in me.I felt sad that i couldn't get hold of it the next moment and I had to wait for 1 more month to meddle with it.There were nights I had dreamnt about it, as in how will it look like and how far it would suit my taste.I was hazy about those since I had ordered online. I told myself "Stop being a kid!! Its just a lappy .There is nothing to get excited about.Just let it go..".It went into deaf ears.I was very much disturbed whether it would reach me safely or not.Amidst of all this perturbation, i heard stories that my lappy went on a road trip (courtesy-caring friend R..! :)).And finally on Jan3(Cant possibly forget the date.I had been counting that for the past one month!!) my cute little baby reached me.Ya thats how i felt when i first touched it.A dad who was worried all along if he would get his baby safely from the other side of the world.When i took him in my hand ,my heart was bouncing with joy :) .The child in me was very much alive and was all over me.Is there anything wrong in letting it out?? Of course not.Why would i want to worry about something, no matter however silly it is, makes me forget all my worries and feel like a kid?