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Friday, February 5, 2010

The State of Confusion

Confusion-The dictionary defines it as "A mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior".Is this good or bad?

People get confused about a lot of things.Its quite natural in many cases.For instance a music composer will get confused on various occasions on what notes should follow a particular rhythm.That is when he/she produces a bad song though it wasn't meant to be that way.A story writer gets confused with the story line that he goes askew and finally that part of story goes to trash.Then he thinks afresh and starts from scratch.

In my journey of life I had faced many confusions right from picking the course for high school,college , on and on..As a matter of fact picking your career path or deciding your future is one of the toughest task.Some people plan well in advance,some leave it to god's will, others to the saints who are supposed to be "knowing everything!!!" .Some cases are very interesting.There are these few who go behind their desire and passion...PAUSE..."Wait.I am confused. I have more than one passion.What am I supposed to do now??".. Assuming all ends well they do FINALLY decide upon their career path something comes next "Can I succeed in this or should I stick on to my existing plan?".I had been one among these few and I am wondering if I had lost my brains in the past.Then came the core confusion. "Being confused is not going to help you or not !!! ?" :P

Do I look confused while writing this blog ?? :P .. Maybe I haven't recovered from it fully.But should I? Here is the deal.Being confused is definitely not a disorder.Its just that your mind takes a long time to make decisions.Of course you can ask me 'So you take such a long time to decide and you don't visualize that as something abnormal ??' .The answer is quite trivial. 'I like being unique'.That's because it is not necessary that you have to be clearer on what is to be done next.Then you lose the possibility of thinking over something which is basically getting confused.The satisfaction you get after a long confusion is something you don't get on making quick decisions.But not for petty matters.That case its a BIG problem!! Beware.

So ready to get confused within your limits :P ??