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Monday, July 6, 2015

Poove sempoove..

Life flies by. No wonder! Ages after my previous blog, I found the perfect time to share my thoughts. This is for my special day, dedicated to my perfect one!
The song which amazes me every time, boredom is something which never happens for some evergreen classics. This is one fine piece which I would like to share

Movie: Solla Thudikuthu Manasu
Music: Ilayaraja
Singer(s) : Yesudas

Lyricist : Vaali


Soothing, Peaceful, graceful, gentle, beautiful … and the magical feeling of LOVE ... These thoughts flood my mind when I hear such songs. That too when there is a person who could give meaning to the song, you can truly enjoy this song. The way I see it, when I close my eyes, get engrossed in the song, like floating on top of an ocean of happiness. This is song where a guy expresses his feelings to his beloved who knows is very close to him but still far away...

NOTE: Below are my extrapolated thoughts (modified version), not the exact translation.

Poove Sempoove Un Vaasam Varum
Vaasal En Vaasal Un Poongavanam
Vaai Paesidum Pullanguzhal
Neethaan Oru Poovin Madal
Poove Sempoove Un Vaasam Varum
Poove Sempoove

Hey bold and beautiful red flower, your fragrance flows all over me .In the air what I intake every moment. In the form of thoughts that flows over me constantly. I hear the soothing sound of a flute which flows into my ears like a bird’s sweet hum. I am enjoying the heavenly feel of showers under the beautiful red flowers.

Nizhal Pola Naanum Nadai Poda Neeyum
Thodarkindra Sontham Nedungala Bantham
Kadal Vaanam Kooda Niram Maarakkoodum
Manam Konda Paasam Thadam Maaridathu
Naan Vazhum Vazhve Unkkaagathane
Nalthorum Nanjil Naan Yenthum Thaene
Ennalum Sangeetham Sandhosamae

I would be your shadow in the entire journey of your life. There are no words to describe this everlasting bond and how lucky I feel. The feeling of Love is something so deep and carved into my heart that it cannot change however hard the situations might be. My life is bliss, living a life for you, with you. Every moment with you is magical, I feel engrossed in the sweet music which brings happiness!

Unai Pola Naanum Oru Pillai Thane
Palar Vanthu Konjum Kilipillai Naane
Unai Pola Naanum Malar Soodum Penmai
Vithi Ennum Nøølil Vilaiyaadum Bømmai
Naan Šeitha Paavam Ènnødu Pøgum
Nee Vazhunthu Nanthan Paarthale Pøthum
Innalum Ènnalum Ullaasame

You made me relive the amazing memories of childhood, the innocent happy child in me. Into someone whom everyone adores,. You made me realize how we are mere puppets who are following the path of fate. I cannot bear the thought that my sins might affect you in any way. I pray that I should be blessed to watch you live happily throughout your life. Every day, every moment, I should just see happiness in your beautiful eyes, in your amazing smile..!

It really feels good when I write this blog. It was destined to happen today. One year just flew by, but the memories are still afresh. No wonder love goes stronger every day! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Venmegam pennaga.. Happiness or Sorrow ??

When i started to write this blog, i thought if i needed to follow the same pattern of explaining my experience of the song. Then i had decided to go after putting my thoughts in a different way. Hope it is something worth reading.I have tried to sing it without much practice. Hoping to post better versions in the future.

Song : Venmegam pennaga
Film : Yaaradi nee mohini
Singer : Hariharan
Composer : Yuvan shankar raja

Original song link :

My Version


Venmegam pennagha uruvaanatho,
Has the beautiful clouds become a girl

en neram ennai paarththu villaiyaadutho
Always playing looking at me

unnalae pala gnaabagham, en munnae vanthaaduthae,
You bring back many memories to the fore

oru nenjam thindaduthae
And my heart goes restless

vaarththai oru vaarthai sonnal enna
Why cant you speak a word to me?

paarvai oru paarvai paarththaal enna
Why cant you look at me once?

unnalae pala gnaabagham, en munnae vanthaaduthae,
You bring back many memories to the fore

oru nenjam thindaduthae
And my heart goes restless


Manjal veyil nee, minnal oli nee,
You’re the beautiful evening skies, you are a lightning

unnai kandavarai kann kalangha nirkka vaikkum thee
You are the fire that brings tears to anyone looking at you

pennae yennadi? unmai solladi…
oh girl, tell me the truth

oru punnaghaiyil penniname kopa paddathennadi
Why does your smile make other women jealous

devathai vaalvathu veedu illai koyil,
This place where angel stays is not a house but a temple

kadavulin kaal thadam paarkiraen
I can see the footprints of the goddess

ondraai irendaai un azhagai paada
How can words be enough to praise your beauty

kan moodi oru oram naan saaikiraen
Closing my eyes, i lean over by the side

kanneeril aanandham naan kaankiraen
Experiencing joy in my tears

unnalae pala gnaabagham, en munnae vanthaaduthae,
You bring back many memories to the fore

oru nenjam thindaduthae
And my heart goes restless

enghal manathai kollai adiththaai
You stole all our hearts

indha thanthiramum manthiramum yengu sendru padiththaai
From where did you learn this trick

vizhivasavil valai virithaai, unnai pallakinil thukki sella kaddalaikal vithiththaai
your wink trapped me, ordering me to carry you in the palanquin

un viral pidiththidum varam ondu kidaikka,uyirudan vaalkiraen naan adi…
I am alive today, waiting for the moment i could forever hold your hands

en kaadhalum en aagumo..
What will happen to my love?

un paathaththil mann aagumo..
Will it be grounded in your feet?

Venmegam ..


The first time i heard this song, something caught my attention at an instant. This is a song which is of a different genre that can't be classified as either happy or sad. It is an intermediary that swings between both the feelings.Or something of finding one feeling inside another and vice-versa. Don't ask me how that is possible.I feel sometimes we tend to be in a perplexed state when we wouldn't be able to understand why we, though being in sorrow because someone(be it friends/family) left us , manage to convince ourselves to be happy just by seeing them happy with their own lives ...

   I feel this song can't be enjoyed at all kinds of moods .It would be more of a moody pick , for people like me who would want to enjoy the song that suits the moment. But it definitely gives both the feelings with balanced proportions.As in you can feel the sadness of it when you want to experience that emotion or you can listen to it and still extract just the happy part of it.(Words from the confused person - as some of my friends  would  think at the moment ;P )

Memories are like a bag of  mixed grapes - sour & sweet ones.You never know which you would pick. Not every time you would be able to digest the sour ones and not always you would be able to take in only the sweet ones. I guess love is something that gives both kind of memories,which makes people go through  extreme emotions like in this song. It emotes the state of confusion the guy is in  who restricts himself , tries to forget her & at the same time finds it hard when she is right in front of her eyes daily.

I used to wonder how singers give the feel to the song though not having experienced it. The very fact that such good singers should be good actors first. They try to take in the situation into them ,emote the feeling just like the actor does & deliver the appropriate emotion needed for the song thereby giving life to it. Hari ji has just done that beautifully in this piece with his brilliant rendition.

The song which comes in a situation when a guy who first realizes his love gets entangled in an awkward state where he is forced to stay with the girl's family though he never wanted to meet her again. I would describe it as a journey that starts of with the deep love the guy has for the girl , who idolizes her as a goddess..and the memories which keeps reminding him of her..the way he experiences joy in his sorrow..the hard state he goes through unable to forget her..the way he feels she's the reason he is still alive hoping he can marry her someday...and reaches his ultimate confusion if he would ever succeed in his quest for love.. It beautifully portrays the different emotions that goes through a guy in such a complex state.

Sometimes the sorrow after happiness is hard to digest , but i feel this song will affect some people in the way we look at the how each emotions can be interlinked with one another..It is possible to see the innocence in a maoist & even look at the cunningnes in a small kid. It is the way we look at it.. I am not sure if i tried to put the exact thoughts which were flowing through my mind. Perhaps, it isn't a neat compilation which conveys the intention with clarity..But for people who get something out of what i am trying to say here would hopefully be able to enjoy this song in a different way ! ;)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Thuli Thuli mazhaiyai vandhale..

Original track

My Version

The beautiful overcast evening skies in Bangalore... suddenly becomes cloudy.. And drops pour out from heaven.. One of nature's most beautiful creations..Rain.. As beautiful as it looks, sounds sweet in tamizh too  - "Mazhai".Hard to pronounce for some, but when you can, it is a sheer beauty to the ears.
Actually this classic was not in my queue for my next blog.When it rains in a breezy evening and you hear such a dreamy song in your ipod , you tend to go to dreams. It was constantly lingering in my mind & i got tempted to record this song, after quite a number of takes. And now i am trying to put words to my thoughts.
Nature & Love are so made of each other. One beautiful thing complementing another, we can say.The lyricists who feel the same, ends up creating ever green songs. According to me, this is one of the ever green songs from one of my favourite music directors Yuvan.

Song : Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyai vandhale
Movie: Paiyya
Music Directors : Yuvan shankar raja
Lyrics : Muthu kumar
Singer : Haricharan

Prelude : 
More or less like the way anyone will tend to imagine. The hero is searching for his life . There she crosses , in a blink of an eye, like a drop of rain. . His dream girl , which he discovers at that instant ..

Though the whole meaning is like the hero trying to describe her to his friends, I have attempted in a different way.. In first person's perspective.. I feel it makes the meaning little more poetic when you translate..Hope it is bearable :P

Song lyrics , meaning & my interpretation :
A beautiful guitar piece, starts off, does produce a magical effect in an instant..Settles down into a soothing rhythm with a brisk tempo & a beat which aptly suits a rainy song.

Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyai Vanthaaley..
There you came , pouring down ,like a drop of rain from the skies
Chuda Chuda Chuda Marainthey Ponnaley..
The heat, made you leave like a vapour
Paarthal Paarka Thoandrum, 
Your one sight, will make me want to see, only you forever,
Paeyrai Kaerka Thoandrum,
will make me want to know your name
Poopoal Sirikumbothu, 
when you smile like a beautiful flower blossoming
Kaatrai Paranthida Thoandrum..
i feel like a flying like the winds
Sel Sel Avaludan Sel, Endrae Kaalgal Soluthada..
Go join you, craves my legs
Sol Sol Avalidan Sol, Endrae Nenjam Kolluthadaa..
Tell you my love, pounds my heart
Azhagai Manathai Parithu Vittalae..
So beautifully, you stole my heart
Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyai Vanthaaley..
There you came , pouring down ,like a drop of rain from the skies
Chuda Chuda Chuda Marainthey Ponnaley..
The heat, made you leave like a vapour

The way the lyricist starts comparing her arrival, like drops of rain pouring from the sky is so beautifully complemented when the singer pronounces the words "thuli thuli mazhai" . The composer & singer had given feel to every line of the song, like a sculptor giving life to a statue with grace. 
He wants to know her, feels  she is the one for her, feels her smile is such a beauty that you admire it all day like that of a sight of a flower.His heart craves for her & she dissapeared with his heart.I felt at this instant that it is a perfect core for a dreamy song about the girl of your life.

Then comes a nice musical bit with the violin & strings playing with each other.It continues the momentum of the song,at the same time gives time, to bring up a complementing video about the feel of love which could engross the viewer.

Thevathai Aval Oru Thevathai,
Angel.. You are the angel of my life.
Azhagiya Poo Mugam Kaanavae, Aayul'thaan Pothumoa..
To look at your beautiful flowery face ,Is this life enough!! ?
Kaatrilae Aval Athu Vaasanai,
The wind is full of you fragrance
Avalidam Yosanai Kaetuthaan, Pookalum Pookumoa..
Will the flowers blossom, only after asking you ?
Netri Maelae Ottrai Mudi Aalumbothu,
When the strip of hair, brazes across your forehead
Nenjukkulae Minnal Pookum ,Paarvai Aalai Thookum..
A lightening strikes my heart, makes me float in the air
Kannam Paarthal Muthamgazha Theenda Thoandrum,
When i see your cheeks , i feel like kissing them
Paatham Rendum Paarkumbøthu Gøllusaai Maara Thøandrum
When i see those beautiful legs, i feel like becoming your anklet
Azhagai Manathai Parithu Vittalae..
So beautifully, you stole my heart
Sel Sel Avaludan Sel, Endrae Kaalgal Soluthada..
Go join you, craves my legs
Sol Sol Avalidan Sol, Endrae Nenjam Kolluthadaa..
Tell you my love, pounds my heart

The lyricist tries to portray the way the hero would think of his dream girl at the instant.Angel, he thinks she is. Angel - a word which comes out of some one's mind only if it means so much for them. I feel, maybe it comes directly from the heart, such a powerful word.The hero doubts if his lifetime is enough to keep seeing her face, such deep emotions get into him.The lyricist beautifully continues the poem ,by describing what the hero feels of each of her physical characteristics. Her divine fragrance,, The beauty of the strip of her hair brazing across her forehead , which makes him float!! Becoming the anklet of her legs! Pounding heart & craving legs.. I just love the way, the lyricist has compared such minute things gracefully and had given a realistic as well as a dreamy description which comes from heart.

Another melodious, symphony like musical note follows the song. It engrosses the song, giving it depth & gives a feels like a short one due to relativity theory.

Šaalaiyil Azhagiya Maazhayil, Avaludan Pøgave Aengumae,
On a beautiful evening, in the streets, I would want to walk with you
Thøalgalil Šaayuven..
Would rest on your shoulders
Bhøømiyil Vizhugira Velaiyil, Nizhalaiyum Odipøi Yenthuven,
Whenever your shadows  fall over thr ground,i  would hold it in my arms
Nenjiley Thaanguven..
Hold it in my heart
Kaanumbøthey Kannalyenna Katti Pøttal,
When i look at your eyes, you tie me
Kaayam Indru Vetti Pøttal Uyirai Yethø Šeithal,
You cut through my soul , without any wounds
Møunamaaga Ullukulae Paesumbøthum, Angey Vanthu Vøttu Keytal, 
When i talk to myself 
silently, you overheard me!
Kanavil Køøchal Pøttal..
And you screamed in the dreams
Azhagai Manathai Parithu Vittalae..
So beautifully, you stole my heart
Sel Sel Avaludan Sel, Endrae Kaalgal Soluthada..
Go join you, craves my legs
Sol Sol Avalidan Sol, Endrae Nenjam Kolluthadaa..
Tell you my love, pounds my heart

The lyricist shifts the imagination of the hero & describes how he would feel, when she is around him.The beautiful evening walk holding her hand & resting on her shoulders, of which the hero dreams of. The lyricist has described the hero's unbound love so beautifully, by making him feel, he would even fall on the ground to hold her shadows! Her sight cuts through his soul without leaving any wound!Overhearing a silent murmuring to himself! Another brilliant imagination & choice of words and it takes the listener to another level.When it reaches the line "Azhaghai manadhai parithu vittalle" ,the music & singing reaches its mastery giving an amazing feel. The feel of the hero craving for his dream girl due to his unbound love is aptly suited by the last few lines.

Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyai Vanthaaley..
There you came , pouring down ,like a drop of rain from the skies
Chuda Chuda Chuda Marainthey Ponnaley..
The heat, made you leave like a vapour

The breezy song reaches its end in a wavy note. Settles down like a sea wave & a soothing feel with the fading music.
At the end, it feels like, one hell of a short journey  ! Wish the song continues.. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nenjukkul peidhidum - a new attempt

Original track - Nenjukkul Peidhidum .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

My Version

By the time i started writing this blog , my throat became tired , trying to get the best out of the moment.I was just thinking, this time, for a change let me write about something which i like singing. Of course it is a famous beautiful composition (not sure if it was flicked :P ) , but yet the rendition is what makes it special. I tried to write a blog about this song, which i tried singing and hopefully i did justice to it. I have attached "My version" to this blog, those interested can listen to it and comment on it as well :)

Song: Nenjukkul peidhidum (Tamil)
Movie : Vaaranam ayiram
Singer : Hariharan
Music Director : Harris jeyaraj
Lyricist: Thamarai

Song Background :The protagonist of the movie, a singer and a guitarist, sees a beautiful girl in a train journey falls in love with her .He feels she is the one for whom he has been waiting all his life.He goes on to sing a dreamy poetic song about her with his guitar.

Song Lyrics with my interpretation:

Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
I feel the rain in my heart

Neerukul Moozhgidum Thaamarai
Like a lotus sinking in the water

Sattendru Maarudhu Vaanilai
Sudden change in climate

Penne Un Mel Pizhai… hoohoo
Oh Girl, fault is on your side

The song starts with a slow guitar note.This is actually a different and nice way of starting the song, It is a prelude or preface of the song. This importance of this piece of note will be realized only after hearing the song multiple times when you will eventually enjoy it.It is followed by a breezy beginning with the guitar (an amazing instrument) which adds to the grace of the entire song.The hero feels like getting drenched in a rain and experiences a sudden change of climate at the first sight of the beautiful girl.

Nillamal Veesidum Peralai
Like huge waves that never stop

Nenjukkul Neenthidum Tharagai
You swim in my heart girl

Pon Vannam Soodiya Kaarigai
You shine like a golden beauty

Penne Nee Kaanchanai
Girl, you are daughter of kasi

The sudden love waves which has flooded his heart that fails to stop and he feels she shines like gold.He compares her to daughter of kashi , since she flooded his heart with the rain of love.The singer sings this part softly in sync with the guitar note chords that are accompanied in the background.Since it describes a beautiful girl , the feel should be soothening like a blossoming of flower. Hariharan's voice is just a treat for the ears and flows beautifully with the rhythm of the song.

Oh Shaanti Shaanti Oh Shaanti
Oh shaanti,

Yen Uyirai Uyirai Neeyenthi
you hold my life

Yen Sendrai Sendrai Yennai Thaandi
Why did you cross me

Ini Neethan Yenthan Andhathi
You are my chapter hereafter

The hero tries to calm his heart and feels a new chapter of his life has started on seeing the girl.The song pitches up suddenly and there is a stress from the singer that gets out the feel of hero's excitement and happiness on seeing his dream girl, who holds the key to his life,whom he feels is going to be his entire life.

(Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
Neerukul Moozhgidum Thaamarai...)

The song then continues with a beautiful note of guitar and keyboard chords.It carries out the exact feel of the song without the singer , a way in which the guitarist(the hero) praises the beauty of the girl with a set of fast notes going to a higher level ( the point which depicts his happy feel) and then gradually declines.It is like how a wave doesnt go to zero level after reaching its peak, it keeps producing smaller waves untill it finally settles.It is followed by baroque music comprising of chorus and chords that are used to bring out the happy emotions.

Yedho Ondru Ennai Eerka
Something attracted me

Mookin Nuni Marmam Serka
Your nose tip adds to the mystery

Kalla-Thanam Yedhum Illa
Without any stealth

Punnagaiyo Boganvilla
Your inncocent smile is like boganvilla flower

The hero is wondering what happened to him, which aspect of the girl he is attracted to, if was her nose tip or her innocent smile.The feeling of wonder is beautifully complemented with the lyrics about the hero feeling mysterious about her beauty.

Nee Nindra Idam Endral Vilai Yeri Pogadho
The place you stood can fetch more price

Nee Sellum Vazhi Ellam Panikatti Aahadho
The path you take can become snow flakes

Yennodu Vaa Veedu Varaikkum
come with me to visit my home

Yen Veetai Paar Yennai Pidikkum
you see my home and you will like me

The hero's love is portrayed which makes him think that whichever place she stands turns precious and her path becomes as beautiful as snow flakes. He is sure she is the right girl for her and tells her that she will start loving him seeing how he happily lives with his family.

Ival Yaaro Yaaro Theriyadhey
I dont know who she is

Ival Pinnal Nenje Pogadhey
Oh my heart, dont follow this girl

Idhu Poyyo Meyyo Theriyadhey
cant make it whether this is true or false

Ival Pinnal Nenje Pogadhey
Oh my heart, dont follow this girl

The guy wonders who this dream girl is and cant believe if whatever is happening to him is real or not.The lyrics are so well written trying to get the emotions in him which makes him wonder if it is his dream or real life.

(Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
Neerukul Moozhgidum Thaamarai..)

This stanza ends with the beautiful verse "penne nee kaanchanai" which brings out the feel he is so drenched in the rain of love and he ascertains that she is the daughter of kashi.

Thookangalai Thooki Sendrai
You took my sleep away

Yekkangalai Thoovi Sendrai
You made to long for you

Unnai Thaandi Pogum Podhu
When i cross you

Veesum Kaatrin Veechu Veru
I can feel the air is different

The hero describes how his life has changed from the moment he saw her l.He has sleepless nights when he longs for her and experiences a breathe of fresh air whenever she is around him.

Nil Endru Nee Sonnal En Kaalam Nagaradhey
If you say stop, my time doesnt move

Nee Soodum Poovellam Oru Podhum Udhiradhey
the flower which you put on your hair never falls down

Kadhal Enai Ketka Villa
love never asked me before entering me

Ketkathadhu Kadhal Illa
if one doesnt propose, that is not love

He is frozen by time whenever he sees her and beautifully describes how the flower would never like to fall from her hair.He says he never knew he was about to fall in love until he met her, and says it cant be love if he knew that.

Yen Jeevan Jeevan Neethaney
You are my life

Yena Thondrum Neram Idhuthane
I felt that at this very moment

Nee Illai Illai Yendrale
If you refuse

Yen Nenjam Nenjam Thaangadhey
My heart can’t bear it at all

The song raises to peak when he feels she is his life.He felt it at that instant when he met her and he describes how much he loved her that he cant imagine a life without her. The singer sings this part amazingly to bring out the full feeling with a full throw when he says "She is his life and cant bear the thought of being without her"

(Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
Neerukul Moozhgidum Thaamarai

The song ends with the same set of lines which starts it.It ends with in the same melodious manner in a nice way that signifies that anything that starts well ,ends well.

The lyricist has penned the lines so well that you would wonder if the song is composed for the lyrics or lyrics where written for the song.They seem so made for each other and gives altogether a different level of enjoyment for the listener.

Nenjukkul peidhidum is a romantic melody that deserves a place in the favourite lists and is sure to steal the hearts of those who might have missed it!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

En kadhale..

Noell James, S.P.Bala - 06. En Kaathaleh-VmusiQ.Com .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Its been quite a while since I wrote my last post.Hectic life restricts natural flow of thoughts.Finally found time for something which i never want to give up.
This post is about one of the classics by our home grown genius ARR.We hear good music from good music directors.But the fact is that, good directors extract the best out of music directors such as K.Balachander,a.k.a,K.B.

Song: En kadhale (Tamil)
Movie : Duet
Singer : S.P.Balasubramanium , a.k.a, SPB

Song Background :
The vocalist/singer & the saxophonist are in love with the same girl & try to express their emotions in their respective parts on how much she means to them & why she couldnt understand that.

Song Lyrics with my interpretation:

En kadhale en kadhale ennai enna seyya pogirai
Oh my love, what are you going to do to me
naan oviyam endru therinthum nee yen kannirandai ketkirai

Knowing that I am an artist, why are you asking for my eyes

The song starts in a beautiful way when the lover calls for his love with a slow melancholy tone.This sets the mood of the song. The way the guy expresses the girl's demand of sacrificing their love by comparing it to the eyes of an artist is splendid.

siluvaigal siragukal rendil enna thara pogirai
HolyCross or bird's wing, which of those are you going to give me
killuvadhai killi vittu yen thalli nindru parkirai
After making this happen, how could you stay far and watch me

The guy wants to know if she could accept him or not.He emotes the feeling of in the mind of someone, who couldn't understand how the girl could forget those beautiful moments & yet ask him to forget their love.

The slow beats & mild piano makes the perfect blend to the lyrics & music of the song. The saxophonist starts to play the amazing pipe instrument in the lengthy high note which then falls and again raises & reaches it peak. This is a way to express the pain & longing.It is similar to how people cry out aloud to let out their pain.Then comes the instant transition from peak to sudden dip ,followed by a beautiful wavy ending of the note. This is similar to bursting out into tears after crying & calming yourself.

Kadhaley... nee poo erindhal endha malaiyum konjam kuzhayum
My Love, if you threw a flower, any mountain would blush
kadhaley nee kal erindhal endha kadalum konjam kalangum
My Love, if you threw a stone, any sea would be disturbed
ini meelvadha illai veezhvada
Should I proceed or succumb ?
uyir vaazhvadha illai povadha
Should I live or die
amudenpadha visham enbadha
Are you a nector or poison
unnai amudha-visham-enbadha
Or are you mixture of both

The next stanza starts on a mild longing sad tone, where the guy emotes his feeling of how much he loves her.He draws comparisons of how her beauty could disturb the mountains & seas.Then the voice is modulated to question whether he should live or die.The grace of this note could be observed by how SPB sings "Should i live" part with high tone (positive tone) & "Should i die" part with a sad tone(negative tone).Then the lover reaches a perplexed situation where he couldn't describe her as sweet or poison, since she makes him swing between both extremes of happy & sad emotions.

The second instrumental part is when the thoughts of his lady love comes flooding into his mind.Its carries on in a beautiful manner & gradually fuses into a happy note on sight of his love.Then it merges back into the original tone which blends perfectly .

kadhale un kaaladiyil naan vizhundhu vizhundhu thozudhen
My love,I prayed fervently at your feet
kangalai nee moodi kondal naan kulungi kulungi azudhen
You wouldn't open your eyes Hence I cried inconsolably
idhu maatrama thadu-maatrama
Is the change happening to me good or bad?
en nenjile pani mootama
is there accumulation of snow flakes in my heart?
nee thoziya illai edhiriya
Are you a friend? or a foe?
endru dhinamum porattama
Is that the conflict that is going on within me everyday?

The song continues & the singer expresses how deeply he loved her & how he couldn't control his tears due to her absence in his life.S.P.B sings this part brilliantly with complete feel & he emotes the actual feeling of crying while singing the lines.The singer couldn't understand if her absence is good or bad.Everything is hazy& desperately wants to know if she is a friend or foe, if she could ever understand the reason for the current happenings.

The song ends with the same longing for the answer from his love,whether she would accept him or not.

The above masterpiece is so memorable & i tried my best to describe my interpretations.In all i felt the song has a perfect balance between lyrics & music.Hats off to Vairamuthu for his amazing lines & ARR for ...Need i say that?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


John Lennon - Imagine .mp3
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This blog is about one of the classics from the legendary John lennon(The Beatles). I have been addicted to this song for a long time.The first love with the song was when i saw it in my keyboard book. I used to hear a lot about John lennon.But only after hearing this , i could sense his greatness.
There was a reason for me to write about this song now. Few days back the tragedy struck again. The Mumbai blasts.It was lingering in my mind time and again on why people don't realise the importance of this life.So many beautiful things around, yet why this gruesome killing and fighting.There are no answers. I mean you dont know whom to question, when the so called educated turn out to be terrorists these days. Also, the movie Lakshya which beautifully portrays the lives of Jawans.Though there maybe reasons for the fighting, all of us long for the Peace.
The song is given a simple, melodious and very soothing texture with the sound of piano and the singer gets to emphasize with his elegant words .This song was written ages ago, describes how a peaceful life would be enjoyable.This time, more than the musicality, I would love to write about the words which is the soul of the song.
The song flows like this:

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

The author starts off in a feel-good way of expression, Imagine of a life where we needn't think about what will happen to us after death, if our actions should be directed based on going to heaven or hell. Instead if we choose to live for today , you get to enjoy it more. Its so true that life should always about how we enjoy today rather than worrying about the past/future.
The second stanza is comes with my favourite lyrics. Imagine a life without countries!! Nothing to kill/die for . No religion. These lines according to me exactly portrays many of our desire of a peaceful world. No country/relegion, there surely wont be so many loss of living beings on this earth.When there are so many natural factors like earthquake/volcanos which can take away our lives, people should stop fighting amongst ourselves and taking away the much needed peace.
Then comes the essence of the song, when the poet says everyone will think he is a dreamer when he knows there are many like him including me longing for the same things as he does.He hopes everyone on earth realises and fights to get to this beautiful motive.
The third stanze, has another beautiful message. Imagine of a life, when people don't posess anything. Everything that grows can be shared by everyone.Everyone living as a brotherhood.There wont be poverty.It cant be better said i feel.The poverty prevalent throughout the world is some other thing many of us wish it vanishes.The message you can take from this on how we should help others and share everything so that we can make the world a better place to live in.
A song can teach you many things. I strongly agree with this.This is one of the ways you get to realise the greatness of life.I might be exaggerating as some people might think, upon reading this. But no matter,Life is beautiful.Lets enjoy it .Live it and make it worthy for everyone around too :)