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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nenjukkul peidhidum - a new attempt

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My Version

By the time i started writing this blog , my throat became tired , trying to get the best out of the moment.I was just thinking, this time, for a change let me write about something which i like singing. Of course it is a famous beautiful composition (not sure if it was flicked :P ) , but yet the rendition is what makes it special. I tried to write a blog about this song, which i tried singing and hopefully i did justice to it. I have attached "My version" to this blog, those interested can listen to it and comment on it as well :)

Song: Nenjukkul peidhidum (Tamil)
Movie : Vaaranam ayiram
Singer : Hariharan
Music Director : Harris jeyaraj
Lyricist: Thamarai

Song Background :The protagonist of the movie, a singer and a guitarist, sees a beautiful girl in a train journey falls in love with her .He feels she is the one for whom he has been waiting all his life.He goes on to sing a dreamy poetic song about her with his guitar.

Song Lyrics with my interpretation:

Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
I feel the rain in my heart

Neerukul Moozhgidum Thaamarai
Like a lotus sinking in the water

Sattendru Maarudhu Vaanilai
Sudden change in climate

Penne Un Mel Pizhai… hoohoo
Oh Girl, fault is on your side

The song starts with a slow guitar note.This is actually a different and nice way of starting the song, It is a prelude or preface of the song. This importance of this piece of note will be realized only after hearing the song multiple times when you will eventually enjoy it.It is followed by a breezy beginning with the guitar (an amazing instrument) which adds to the grace of the entire song.The hero feels like getting drenched in a rain and experiences a sudden change of climate at the first sight of the beautiful girl.

Nillamal Veesidum Peralai
Like huge waves that never stop

Nenjukkul Neenthidum Tharagai
You swim in my heart girl

Pon Vannam Soodiya Kaarigai
You shine like a golden beauty

Penne Nee Kaanchanai
Girl, you are daughter of kasi

The sudden love waves which has flooded his heart that fails to stop and he feels she shines like gold.He compares her to daughter of kashi , since she flooded his heart with the rain of love.The singer sings this part softly in sync with the guitar note chords that are accompanied in the background.Since it describes a beautiful girl , the feel should be soothening like a blossoming of flower. Hariharan's voice is just a treat for the ears and flows beautifully with the rhythm of the song.

Oh Shaanti Shaanti Oh Shaanti
Oh shaanti,

Yen Uyirai Uyirai Neeyenthi
you hold my life

Yen Sendrai Sendrai Yennai Thaandi
Why did you cross me

Ini Neethan Yenthan Andhathi
You are my chapter hereafter

The hero tries to calm his heart and feels a new chapter of his life has started on seeing the girl.The song pitches up suddenly and there is a stress from the singer that gets out the feel of hero's excitement and happiness on seeing his dream girl, who holds the key to his life,whom he feels is going to be his entire life.

(Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
Neerukul Moozhgidum Thaamarai...)

The song then continues with a beautiful note of guitar and keyboard chords.It carries out the exact feel of the song without the singer , a way in which the guitarist(the hero) praises the beauty of the girl with a set of fast notes going to a higher level ( the point which depicts his happy feel) and then gradually declines.It is like how a wave doesnt go to zero level after reaching its peak, it keeps producing smaller waves untill it finally settles.It is followed by baroque music comprising of chorus and chords that are used to bring out the happy emotions.

Yedho Ondru Ennai Eerka
Something attracted me

Mookin Nuni Marmam Serka
Your nose tip adds to the mystery

Kalla-Thanam Yedhum Illa
Without any stealth

Punnagaiyo Boganvilla
Your inncocent smile is like boganvilla flower

The hero is wondering what happened to him, which aspect of the girl he is attracted to, if was her nose tip or her innocent smile.The feeling of wonder is beautifully complemented with the lyrics about the hero feeling mysterious about her beauty.

Nee Nindra Idam Endral Vilai Yeri Pogadho
The place you stood can fetch more price

Nee Sellum Vazhi Ellam Panikatti Aahadho
The path you take can become snow flakes

Yennodu Vaa Veedu Varaikkum
come with me to visit my home

Yen Veetai Paar Yennai Pidikkum
you see my home and you will like me

The hero's love is portrayed which makes him think that whichever place she stands turns precious and her path becomes as beautiful as snow flakes. He is sure she is the right girl for her and tells her that she will start loving him seeing how he happily lives with his family.

Ival Yaaro Yaaro Theriyadhey
I dont know who she is

Ival Pinnal Nenje Pogadhey
Oh my heart, dont follow this girl

Idhu Poyyo Meyyo Theriyadhey
cant make it whether this is true or false

Ival Pinnal Nenje Pogadhey
Oh my heart, dont follow this girl

The guy wonders who this dream girl is and cant believe if whatever is happening to him is real or not.The lyrics are so well written trying to get the emotions in him which makes him wonder if it is his dream or real life.

(Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
Neerukul Moozhgidum Thaamarai..)

This stanza ends with the beautiful verse "penne nee kaanchanai" which brings out the feel he is so drenched in the rain of love and he ascertains that she is the daughter of kashi.

Thookangalai Thooki Sendrai
You took my sleep away

Yekkangalai Thoovi Sendrai
You made to long for you

Unnai Thaandi Pogum Podhu
When i cross you

Veesum Kaatrin Veechu Veru
I can feel the air is different

The hero describes how his life has changed from the moment he saw her l.He has sleepless nights when he longs for her and experiences a breathe of fresh air whenever she is around him.

Nil Endru Nee Sonnal En Kaalam Nagaradhey
If you say stop, my time doesnt move

Nee Soodum Poovellam Oru Podhum Udhiradhey
the flower which you put on your hair never falls down

Kadhal Enai Ketka Villa
love never asked me before entering me

Ketkathadhu Kadhal Illa
if one doesnt propose, that is not love

He is frozen by time whenever he sees her and beautifully describes how the flower would never like to fall from her hair.He says he never knew he was about to fall in love until he met her, and says it cant be love if he knew that.

Yen Jeevan Jeevan Neethaney
You are my life

Yena Thondrum Neram Idhuthane
I felt that at this very moment

Nee Illai Illai Yendrale
If you refuse

Yen Nenjam Nenjam Thaangadhey
My heart can’t bear it at all

The song raises to peak when he feels she is his life.He felt it at that instant when he met her and he describes how much he loved her that he cant imagine a life without her. The singer sings this part amazingly to bring out the full feeling with a full throw when he says "She is his life and cant bear the thought of being without her"

(Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
Neerukul Moozhgidum Thaamarai

The song ends with the same set of lines which starts it.It ends with in the same melodious manner in a nice way that signifies that anything that starts well ,ends well.

The lyricist has penned the lines so well that you would wonder if the song is composed for the lyrics or lyrics where written for the song.They seem so made for each other and gives altogether a different level of enjoyment for the listener.

Nenjukkul peidhidum is a romantic melody that deserves a place in the favourite lists and is sure to steal the hearts of those who might have missed it!!