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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Injustice to things we learn

Learning is something which starts from childhood be it learning to walk by yourself or riding a bicycle.It practically never stops.Its embedded in you.You can never stop yourself from learning something or the other.Being this way, many of us would have wondered if we do full justice to what we learn. Of course things which you learn without your conscience or those which we practice everyday being your part of life gets its full credit.But what about those things which we learn but leave it halfway and blame it on time for your own fault! ?I am sure most of you might have encountered what I am talking about.If you ask me,hell yes,I have done it lots of times and i regret for that.For an instance,I had learnt carnatic music for 6 years and I forgo all i had learnt for my 10th grade "so-called" first important exam of my life.Since then I lost touch of the same and forgot so many important keerthanas for which i will repent for rest of my life.I am not sure what I did was wrong at that point of my life but I want get it back.Would I be able to get back those things the way i left it?? Although you will be able to learn the same stuff from someone else, will you get it as good as the original or what you had sought??The answers for all this is definitely "NO WAY LOSER!!".What am I supposed to do now? Nothing buddy..Just learn to live with it and don't ever do the same mistake again. If you cross a river do it fully else your efforts of crossing half way are in vain.If you seek for something just go for it whole heartedly.Do whatever it takes in such a way that it remains with you forever at least for things which are under your control.Thats when you are partially freed from the guilt of injustice to things you learn.

The New Beginning

I couldn't imagine myself sitting late at night not watching soccer or playing FIFA or hearing to songs but doing unusual stuff like blogging ! Ya this is my first ever blog and I am not sure how many more are yet to come from me.But I needed a change badly and trying my luck with this.One thing i am pretty sure when I am doing this.I am not interested in becoming a writer.All I am trying to do is just a time pass and thereby clearing the unusual thoughts I think about at times. Lets see how far it goes..