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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

En kadhale..

Noell James, S.P.Bala - 06. En Kaathaleh-VmusiQ.Com .mp3

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Its been quite a while since I wrote my last post.Hectic life restricts natural flow of thoughts.Finally found time for something which i never want to give up.
This post is about one of the classics by our home grown genius ARR.We hear good music from good music directors.But the fact is that, good directors extract the best out of music directors such as K.Balachander,a.k.a,K.B.

Song: En kadhale (Tamil)
Movie : Duet
Singer : S.P.Balasubramanium , a.k.a, SPB

Song Background :
The vocalist/singer & the saxophonist are in love with the same girl & try to express their emotions in their respective parts on how much she means to them & why she couldnt understand that.

Song Lyrics with my interpretation:

En kadhale en kadhale ennai enna seyya pogirai
Oh my love, what are you going to do to me
naan oviyam endru therinthum nee yen kannirandai ketkirai

Knowing that I am an artist, why are you asking for my eyes

The song starts in a beautiful way when the lover calls for his love with a slow melancholy tone.This sets the mood of the song. The way the guy expresses the girl's demand of sacrificing their love by comparing it to the eyes of an artist is splendid.

siluvaigal siragukal rendil enna thara pogirai
HolyCross or bird's wing, which of those are you going to give me
killuvadhai killi vittu yen thalli nindru parkirai
After making this happen, how could you stay far and watch me

The guy wants to know if she could accept him or not.He emotes the feeling of in the mind of someone, who couldn't understand how the girl could forget those beautiful moments & yet ask him to forget their love.

The slow beats & mild piano makes the perfect blend to the lyrics & music of the song. The saxophonist starts to play the amazing pipe instrument in the lengthy high note which then falls and again raises & reaches it peak. This is a way to express the pain & longing.It is similar to how people cry out aloud to let out their pain.Then comes the instant transition from peak to sudden dip ,followed by a beautiful wavy ending of the note. This is similar to bursting out into tears after crying & calming yourself.

Kadhaley... nee poo erindhal endha malaiyum konjam kuzhayum
My Love, if you threw a flower, any mountain would blush
kadhaley nee kal erindhal endha kadalum konjam kalangum
My Love, if you threw a stone, any sea would be disturbed
ini meelvadha illai veezhvada
Should I proceed or succumb ?
uyir vaazhvadha illai povadha
Should I live or die
amudenpadha visham enbadha
Are you a nector or poison
unnai amudha-visham-enbadha
Or are you mixture of both

The next stanza starts on a mild longing sad tone, where the guy emotes his feeling of how much he loves her.He draws comparisons of how her beauty could disturb the mountains & seas.Then the voice is modulated to question whether he should live or die.The grace of this note could be observed by how SPB sings "Should i live" part with high tone (positive tone) & "Should i die" part with a sad tone(negative tone).Then the lover reaches a perplexed situation where he couldn't describe her as sweet or poison, since she makes him swing between both extremes of happy & sad emotions.

The second instrumental part is when the thoughts of his lady love comes flooding into his mind.Its carries on in a beautiful manner & gradually fuses into a happy note on sight of his love.Then it merges back into the original tone which blends perfectly .

kadhale un kaaladiyil naan vizhundhu vizhundhu thozudhen
My love,I prayed fervently at your feet
kangalai nee moodi kondal naan kulungi kulungi azudhen
You wouldn't open your eyes Hence I cried inconsolably
idhu maatrama thadu-maatrama
Is the change happening to me good or bad?
en nenjile pani mootama
is there accumulation of snow flakes in my heart?
nee thoziya illai edhiriya
Are you a friend? or a foe?
endru dhinamum porattama
Is that the conflict that is going on within me everyday?

The song continues & the singer expresses how deeply he loved her & how he couldn't control his tears due to her absence in his life.S.P.B sings this part brilliantly with complete feel & he emotes the actual feeling of crying while singing the lines.The singer couldn't understand if her absence is good or bad.Everything is hazy& desperately wants to know if she is a friend or foe, if she could ever understand the reason for the current happenings.

The song ends with the same longing for the answer from his love,whether she would accept him or not.

The above masterpiece is so memorable & i tried my best to describe my interpretations.In all i felt the song has a perfect balance between lyrics & music.Hats off to Vairamuthu for his amazing lines & ARR for ...Need i say that?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


John Lennon - Imagine .mp3
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This blog is about one of the classics from the legendary John lennon(The Beatles). I have been addicted to this song for a long time.The first love with the song was when i saw it in my keyboard book. I used to hear a lot about John lennon.But only after hearing this , i could sense his greatness.
There was a reason for me to write about this song now. Few days back the tragedy struck again. The Mumbai blasts.It was lingering in my mind time and again on why people don't realise the importance of this life.So many beautiful things around, yet why this gruesome killing and fighting.There are no answers. I mean you dont know whom to question, when the so called educated turn out to be terrorists these days. Also, the movie Lakshya which beautifully portrays the lives of Jawans.Though there maybe reasons for the fighting, all of us long for the Peace.
The song is given a simple, melodious and very soothing texture with the sound of piano and the singer gets to emphasize with his elegant words .This song was written ages ago, describes how a peaceful life would be enjoyable.This time, more than the musicality, I would love to write about the words which is the soul of the song.
The song flows like this:

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

The author starts off in a feel-good way of expression, Imagine of a life where we needn't think about what will happen to us after death, if our actions should be directed based on going to heaven or hell. Instead if we choose to live for today , you get to enjoy it more. Its so true that life should always about how we enjoy today rather than worrying about the past/future.
The second stanza is comes with my favourite lyrics. Imagine a life without countries!! Nothing to kill/die for . No religion. These lines according to me exactly portrays many of our desire of a peaceful world. No country/relegion, there surely wont be so many loss of living beings on this earth.When there are so many natural factors like earthquake/volcanos which can take away our lives, people should stop fighting amongst ourselves and taking away the much needed peace.
Then comes the essence of the song, when the poet says everyone will think he is a dreamer when he knows there are many like him including me longing for the same things as he does.He hopes everyone on earth realises and fights to get to this beautiful motive.
The third stanze, has another beautiful message. Imagine of a life, when people don't posess anything. Everything that grows can be shared by everyone.Everyone living as a brotherhood.There wont be poverty.It cant be better said i feel.The poverty prevalent throughout the world is some other thing many of us wish it vanishes.The message you can take from this on how we should help others and share everything so that we can make the world a better place to live in.
A song can teach you many things. I strongly agree with this.This is one of the ways you get to realise the greatness of life.I might be exaggerating as some people might think, upon reading this. But no matter,Life is beautiful.Lets enjoy it .Live it and make it worthy for everyone around too :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Divine Start..

Divinity is something which I would like to start off with.God is someone who is Almighty,the omniscient,the omnipresent.I am not going to argue upon whether he exists or not.That is something beyond human’s reach.Being one among the millions who believe in him,I would like a write something which relates to him.God can be felt through Love.Love is around everywhere.I love Music.So I feel God can be felt best through music.Rather music is a great art which takes you to God.When I refer to music, I also refer to its core ingredient-Words/Lyrics.

I would like to discuss about the following song which is the first divine one which comes to my mind,something I relish & will cherish forever:

Song: Janani Janani (Listen to it in the Mp3 player attached)

Language : Tamil

Composer & Singer : Maestro Ilayaraja

Lyricist : Vaali

Lyrics essence:

An ardent devotee praising the almighty Lord Janani/Parvathi/Durga (All forms of her J)

I am not so great in translating each and every line,so I am skipping the basic translation part.Also for people who are not fond of this lord(As it happens in many cases :D ) can enjoy the soul of it by just replacing the goddess name with any other form of God.

This song starts with a beautiful sloka, slowly recited with careful attention to the words and without music.It reminds me of the Vedas recitation.The actual song starts (in the form of Pallavi) with a strong note by calling the God’s name and saying “Janani ,janani,jagam nee ,agam nee”(Meaning - You are the world,you are everywhere) blended well with the Mridangam’s (Percussion instrument) beat.Then comes the Veena’s(String instrument) part which adds to the divinity thereby setting the tempo of the song.

The song continues with the Bhajan genre coming into play from first stanza(Charanam)with chorus adding to the beauty of the song by repeating every line which praises the almighty.We can also notice that ,first the devotee starts with a mild tone increasing in a gradual manner.This compliments the lyrics very well which needs the smooth transition of the lighter qualities of God to the tougher ones.When the devotee says “Jaganmohini Nee,SimhaVaagini nee” (Jaganmohini & Simhavaagini-represent Goddess Kali/Durga who is known as a fiery/strong God who destroys the evil), he emotes the peak of his praise of the Lord,the repetition of which gradually fades down thereby referring his admiration to something he cannot describe through words.

The second major instrumental piece starts and continues with the Flute’s magic which ends with a perfect blend of Veena.This is something which engrosses in the song.The song continues with the second stanza of praise of the God which keeps the momentum going along.Then comes the third soothening instrumental Veena/Flute piece which starts in a different fast paced manner that gathers the attention of listener .The third stanza continues with the bhajan and reaches a beautiful vocal part when the Aalap follows the lyrics “Shakthi peetamum Nee” followed by increasing vocals & Shruthi(Also called as Chords) which says“Sarva mokshamum nee”(Meaning Reaching you are is the ultimate destiny in Life).The song ends perfectly chanting the God’s Name.

The above description is my way of interpreting the whole song.Forgive me incase of any mistakes.I hope I did’nt change the essence of the song.There are so many other songs in different languages namely kwaja mere kwaja,Noor e khuda,Meherbaan,Anbendra mazhaiyile.. which praises the almighty.I feel we can enjoy essence of any kind of divine song by accepting the universal truth “There might be different forms of God.GOD refers to the same Ultimate controller of all of us.”