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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Venmegam pennaga.. Happiness or Sorrow ??

When i started to write this blog, i thought if i needed to follow the same pattern of explaining my experience of the song. Then i had decided to go after putting my thoughts in a different way. Hope it is something worth reading.I have tried to sing it without much practice. Hoping to post better versions in the future.

Song : Venmegam pennaga
Film : Yaaradi nee mohini
Singer : Hariharan
Composer : Yuvan shankar raja

Original song link :

My Version


Venmegam pennagha uruvaanatho,
Has the beautiful clouds become a girl

en neram ennai paarththu villaiyaadutho
Always playing looking at me

unnalae pala gnaabagham, en munnae vanthaaduthae,
You bring back many memories to the fore

oru nenjam thindaduthae
And my heart goes restless

vaarththai oru vaarthai sonnal enna
Why cant you speak a word to me?

paarvai oru paarvai paarththaal enna
Why cant you look at me once?

unnalae pala gnaabagham, en munnae vanthaaduthae,
You bring back many memories to the fore

oru nenjam thindaduthae
And my heart goes restless


Manjal veyil nee, minnal oli nee,
You’re the beautiful evening skies, you are a lightning

unnai kandavarai kann kalangha nirkka vaikkum thee
You are the fire that brings tears to anyone looking at you

pennae yennadi? unmai solladi…
oh girl, tell me the truth

oru punnaghaiyil penniname kopa paddathennadi
Why does your smile make other women jealous

devathai vaalvathu veedu illai koyil,
This place where angel stays is not a house but a temple

kadavulin kaal thadam paarkiraen
I can see the footprints of the goddess

ondraai irendaai un azhagai paada
How can words be enough to praise your beauty

kan moodi oru oram naan saaikiraen
Closing my eyes, i lean over by the side

kanneeril aanandham naan kaankiraen
Experiencing joy in my tears

unnalae pala gnaabagham, en munnae vanthaaduthae,
You bring back many memories to the fore

oru nenjam thindaduthae
And my heart goes restless

enghal manathai kollai adiththaai
You stole all our hearts

indha thanthiramum manthiramum yengu sendru padiththaai
From where did you learn this trick

vizhivasavil valai virithaai, unnai pallakinil thukki sella kaddalaikal vithiththaai
your wink trapped me, ordering me to carry you in the palanquin

un viral pidiththidum varam ondu kidaikka,uyirudan vaalkiraen naan adi…
I am alive today, waiting for the moment i could forever hold your hands

en kaadhalum en aagumo..
What will happen to my love?

un paathaththil mann aagumo..
Will it be grounded in your feet?

Venmegam ..


The first time i heard this song, something caught my attention at an instant. This is a song which is of a different genre that can't be classified as either happy or sad. It is an intermediary that swings between both the feelings.Or something of finding one feeling inside another and vice-versa. Don't ask me how that is possible.I feel sometimes we tend to be in a perplexed state when we wouldn't be able to understand why we, though being in sorrow because someone(be it friends/family) left us , manage to convince ourselves to be happy just by seeing them happy with their own lives ...

   I feel this song can't be enjoyed at all kinds of moods .It would be more of a moody pick , for people like me who would want to enjoy the song that suits the moment. But it definitely gives both the feelings with balanced proportions.As in you can feel the sadness of it when you want to experience that emotion or you can listen to it and still extract just the happy part of it.(Words from the confused person - as some of my friends  would  think at the moment ;P )

Memories are like a bag of  mixed grapes - sour & sweet ones.You never know which you would pick. Not every time you would be able to digest the sour ones and not always you would be able to take in only the sweet ones. I guess love is something that gives both kind of memories,which makes people go through  extreme emotions like in this song. It emotes the state of confusion the guy is in  who restricts himself , tries to forget her & at the same time finds it hard when she is right in front of her eyes daily.

I used to wonder how singers give the feel to the song though not having experienced it. The very fact that such good singers should be good actors first. They try to take in the situation into them ,emote the feeling just like the actor does & deliver the appropriate emotion needed for the song thereby giving life to it. Hari ji has just done that beautifully in this piece with his brilliant rendition.

The song which comes in a situation when a guy who first realizes his love gets entangled in an awkward state where he is forced to stay with the girl's family though he never wanted to meet her again. I would describe it as a journey that starts of with the deep love the guy has for the girl , who idolizes her as a goddess..and the memories which keeps reminding him of her..the way he experiences joy in his sorrow..the hard state he goes through unable to forget her..the way he feels she's the reason he is still alive hoping he can marry her someday...and reaches his ultimate confusion if he would ever succeed in his quest for love.. It beautifully portrays the different emotions that goes through a guy in such a complex state.

Sometimes the sorrow after happiness is hard to digest , but i feel this song will affect some people in the way we look at the how each emotions can be interlinked with one another..It is possible to see the innocence in a maoist & even look at the cunningnes in a small kid. It is the way we look at it.. I am not sure if i tried to put the exact thoughts which were flowing through my mind. Perhaps, it isn't a neat compilation which conveys the intention with clarity..But for people who get something out of what i am trying to say here would hopefully be able to enjoy this song in a different way ! ;)