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Monday, July 6, 2015

Poove sempoove..

Life flies by. No wonder! Ages after my previous blog, I found the perfect time to share my thoughts. This is for my special day, dedicated to my perfect one!
The song which amazes me every time, boredom is something which never happens for some evergreen classics. This is one fine piece which I would like to share

Movie: Solla Thudikuthu Manasu
Music: Ilayaraja
Singer(s) : Yesudas

Lyricist : Vaali


Soothing, Peaceful, graceful, gentle, beautiful … and the magical feeling of LOVE ... These thoughts flood my mind when I hear such songs. That too when there is a person who could give meaning to the song, you can truly enjoy this song. The way I see it, when I close my eyes, get engrossed in the song, like floating on top of an ocean of happiness. This is song where a guy expresses his feelings to his beloved who knows is very close to him but still far away...

NOTE: Below are my extrapolated thoughts (modified version), not the exact translation.

Poove Sempoove Un Vaasam Varum
Vaasal En Vaasal Un Poongavanam
Vaai Paesidum Pullanguzhal
Neethaan Oru Poovin Madal
Poove Sempoove Un Vaasam Varum
Poove Sempoove

Hey bold and beautiful red flower, your fragrance flows all over me .In the air what I intake every moment. In the form of thoughts that flows over me constantly. I hear the soothing sound of a flute which flows into my ears like a bird’s sweet hum. I am enjoying the heavenly feel of showers under the beautiful red flowers.

Nizhal Pola Naanum Nadai Poda Neeyum
Thodarkindra Sontham Nedungala Bantham
Kadal Vaanam Kooda Niram Maarakkoodum
Manam Konda Paasam Thadam Maaridathu
Naan Vazhum Vazhve Unkkaagathane
Nalthorum Nanjil Naan Yenthum Thaene
Ennalum Sangeetham Sandhosamae

I would be your shadow in the entire journey of your life. There are no words to describe this everlasting bond and how lucky I feel. The feeling of Love is something so deep and carved into my heart that it cannot change however hard the situations might be. My life is bliss, living a life for you, with you. Every moment with you is magical, I feel engrossed in the sweet music which brings happiness!

Unai Pola Naanum Oru Pillai Thane
Palar Vanthu Konjum Kilipillai Naane
Unai Pola Naanum Malar Soodum Penmai
Vithi Ennum Nøølil Vilaiyaadum Bømmai
Naan Šeitha Paavam Ènnødu Pøgum
Nee Vazhunthu Nanthan Paarthale Pøthum
Innalum Ènnalum Ullaasame

You made me relive the amazing memories of childhood, the innocent happy child in me. Into someone whom everyone adores,. You made me realize how we are mere puppets who are following the path of fate. I cannot bear the thought that my sins might affect you in any way. I pray that I should be blessed to watch you live happily throughout your life. Every day, every moment, I should just see happiness in your beautiful eyes, in your amazing smile..!

It really feels good when I write this blog. It was destined to happen today. One year just flew by, but the memories are still afresh. No wonder love goes stronger every day! 

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  1. ivalo appropriate oru song choose panni enaku/namakku dedicate pannadu is such a sweet gesture:) Merasalayitten :P
    Thank you so much!!!!!! :D